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Shoshin Aikido Stockport is a non profit Dojo, and a member of the Lancashire Aikikai Shoshin Aikido Stockport is committed to teaching the traditional martial art of Aikido as taught by Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei),the founder of Aikido. Our mission is to promote an understanding of martial arts as a method of conflict resolution and provide a resource for community growth.Shoshin Aikido Stockport is under the umbrella of the the national governing body for the UK. Our club subscribes and adopts policies of the Lancashire Aikikai and hence that of the governing body. This includes providing insurance for all practicing; having qualified instructors and following equal opportunity and child protection policies. On a Sunday Morning under Sensei Sam Wilson 3rd Dan.This class is held between 10:30 and 12:30 in the Gymnasium behind the swimming pool at Stockport School Mile End Lane Stockport Cheshire SK2 6BW.On a Tuesday Night under Sensei Sam Wilson 3rd Dan.This class is held between 20:00 and 22:00 at the 1st Davenport Mile End Scout Group The Hollies 194 Buxton Road Stockport SK2 7AE.For further information contact Sam on 07958018971 Or email AIKIDOSAM.9238@ntlworld.comAs a new student who is looking to join the Association, we provide temporary membership and insurance for 1 month, for a fee of £4. The fee applies to both those under 18 and senior students.Once a new student decides to join the Association, a new application form must be completed. The individual will pay the balance between the temporary membership and the pro-rated membership fee valid at the time they complete the application form which currently is no more than £18. (I.e. £22 less £4)Cost Adults £36 Young Peolple £18 Students £18 Unwaged £18 these to be paid by direct debit on the first of every month

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